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CHRISTMAS is finally here!!  That can mean only one thing…its Community Christmas Food Fund time again!!  The Galax Volunteer Fire Department once again will facilitate the fundraising, packing, and delivering of 1100 Food Boxes to 550 area families who could use a boost this year.  The great thing about the Community Christmas Food Fund is that, not only do the recipients get a much needed boost after surviving this tumultuous year, but so do the volunteers!  The Food Fund is a blessing and a boost to the countless participants who donate their time, money, and prayers to ensure others have a better than otherwise Christmas.  Covid-19 has stopped many events that we all enjoy and has been a struggle for us all.  But it hasn’t and can’t stop the love…as evident when Galax Fire deemed the Community Christmas Food Fund one if its essential missions!  Never been more proud of a group!  That same love is evident each year in the Twin Counties as demonstrated by the outpouring of support towards this project!  This is truly a community event!! 

All that being said, the 2020 Community Christmas Food Fund will look a little different this year.  Normally, we begin the march toward $30,000 with our Live Radio Broadcast and Auction with our partners at Food City and WBRF/WCGX FM.  However, the latest restrictions have caused us to cancel that event.  Instead, we will be counting on our media partners, like the Gazette, and our social media platforms, to help us get the word out.  Contributions are needed and being accepted by mail at PO Box 330 in Galax.  Online donations are being accepted on our website  And you may see any Galax Firefighter and they will be glad to turn in your contribution to the Food Fund.

The Packing of the Boxes will be on Thursday, December 17th at the Galax Firehouse located at 300 W. Grayson St in Galax.  Packing the boxes will be different this year.  Normally, we pack the firehouse with packers…about 300 per year to be exact…where 1100 boxes are packed in usually around 60 minutes!  However, the public gathering restrictions this year has caused us to revamp our methods.  This year, we are resorting to shift work.  That’s right, groups of 25 will punch a clock for hour long sessions each.  First shift will be 2:00pm-3:00pm, second shift from 3:00pm-4:00pm, and so on until the work is complete.  Shift Sign Up will be online at, so make sure to sign up as an individual or sign up a group if you have one!

Delivery of the Boxes will take place on Sunday, December 20th beginning at 7:00am from the Galax Firehouse.   We need your help!!!  It’s no easy feat to deliver 1100 boxes to 550 families scattered across two counties.  However, we are blessed each year with folks who choose to be a blessing to others.  This year volunteers will pick up their recipient slips as they drive through the line.  Coffee and snacks will be outside.  Simply get your slips, back up to the upper bay doors at the firehouse and the troops will load you up!  Then it’s off to the blessings!!  One change will be the way the boxes are dropped off this year.  While the deliverers will be wearing masks, they will not be allowed to leave the boxes inside of any residences.  Volunteers will knock on the door, speak with the recipient to verify they are at the correct address, sign the paper themselves indicating who they spoke with, wish them a Merry Christmas and leave.  It’s that simple.  Part of the joy of delivering has been taking the boxes inside for our neighbors and visiting a bit.  We just can’t do that this year.  We don’t want to put the recipients or our volunteers at risk of exposure.  All participants in this event this year, whether packing or delivering, will need to wear a face covering and exercise social distancing per CDC guidelines.

If you are in need of a Food Box this year, please contact your local department of Social Services to sign up.  Sign up will be different due to Covid, so contact them soon!  If you have any questions, please contact Mike Ayers with the Galax Fire Department at 276-235-9580 or at

On behalf of all of us at Galax Fire, thanks and have a blessed and safe Holiday season!!

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