For Emergencies, Please Dial 911, All Other Calls 276-235-9580

On October 22nd, the Galax Fire Department paid a visit to the Galax Elementary School to teach fire prevention to all 5 first grade classes. What a great group of kids and teachers!! FD members took the Fire Education Trailer to the school as well as Engine 3 (the Transformer). Kids learned how to make their home fire safe with the many props in the trailer. They asked and answered a ton of questions. They learned what to do when the smoke detector goes off, how to exit the home, and to head to the family meeting place. They learned that you never re-enter a burning building. Fireman Chris Hennis dressed up in full turnout gear, complete with mask and axe, to teach the kids not to be scared of firemen in gear and to never, ever, ever hide if there is a fire. The kids then got to practice the real deal (with fake smoke). With the smoke rolling, the smoke detector activated. The kids rolled out of bed, crawled to the door, felt the ‘hot’ door knob, and then headed for the second exit, which made them climb out the window and down the ladder. They performed it flawlessly!!! Once all the kids went through the drill, they were given Fire Safety Homework to complete with their parents and return to their teachers for extra credit. After that, the kids were given a tour of Engine 3, the Tranformer truck. Thanks again for allowing the Galax Fire Department the opportunity to share fire safety with THE most important people in the world…our kids!