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GALAX VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT: June 5, 2021 $30.00 Entry Fee

1. Compact Figure 8 Race Car must be a manufactured stock four or six cylinder car with a MAXIMUM wheel-base of 105″ measured from center wheel to center wheel.
2. Must be either front or rear wheel drive – AWD cars must be made front or rear wheel drive. Locking differentials is ok.
3. ALL GLASS AND CHROME TRIM and anything that might become imbedded in the track, must be removed from the car before bringing auto to the grounds. Also, car must be cleaned out, including trunk. Fire walls must remain in place. Do not leave broken glass in doors, clean them out. WINDSHIELDS MUST BE REMOVED. All AIR BAG SAFETY SYSTEMS ( this includes activation charges ) must be removed.
4. Most 4/6 cylinder cars have the FUEL PUMP in the GAS TANK. If the tank is located in the front of the rear axle, the tank does not have to be removed. It also is not allowed to have more than 6 gallons of gas in it. If an electric fuel pump is used, the driver must have a shut off switch within reach. If the fuel pump is not located in the tank or it is located behind the rear axle, the tank must be removed or relocated inside of driver compartment. A metal or plastic marine tank shall then be used. Tank must be strapped and bolted to the floor and not hold more than 6 gallons of gas. If original tank is relocated, you must weld a Gas Tank Protector around tank to keep from being damaged from a side impact. This Gas Tank Protector can be added to the Drivers Rollover Bar / Cage. Carpet MUST be removed if tank is installed inside of car.
5. SUN ROOFS: All vehicles equipped with sun roofs must have sun roofs covered up with plate.
6. SEATBELTS must be in good working order – original OEM shoulder style seat belt are OK. You may use racing belts but they must be attached to a roll bar / cage.
7. BUMPERS – you may swap bumpers from make to make. Bumpers may be welded directly to frame (hardnosed). You may construct a “homemade” bumper out of medal but this bumper cannot stick out past the outside of the tires of the car. No sharp ends on bumpers. No Exoskeleton type of cages or bumpers on cars.
8. ENGINES – you may swap any 4/6 cylinder engines from make to make. You may install a RWD engine/trans/rear into a FWD car.
9. TIRES – tires must be a DOT passenger car tire. You may groove tires. You may tube, or double tires (tire inside of a tire). You may weld Valve Stem Protectors to wheels. No Studded Tires or tractor tires. Wheel weights must be removed from rims.
10. CAGE – It is highly recommended that Figure 8 Race Cars have a drivers cage built inside of the car. You may weld kickers to the front and rear frame. You may make a rollover bar that can extend straight up behind the driver’s seat, outside the car and over the roof. This cage rule is open to the builder – make it safe for you but it must stay inside of the driving compartment – No Exoskeleton cages. If you are installing a race seat, it must be attached to the cage along with racing seatbelts.
11. EXHAUST – may be removed or cut off just aft of the front seats. Do not position exhaust to deflect the heat out to the side of the vehicle. Additional headers, stacks, or custom manifolds may be used and go up through the hood.

12. BATTERY Passenger car or Marine will be allowed. It can remain in the original position or you are allowed to move the battery to the front floorboard area. Must be mounted securely & covered by a nonconductive material for participants protection.
13. A 12 BY 15 INCH HOLE must be cut into the center of hood, to allow for early fire detection.
14. HELMETS (DOT approved) and IMPACT RESISTANT EYE PROTECTORS are required. Driver can be disqualified at any time if either belt or helmet is removed during a heat. Drives must wear long sleeve shirts & pants or coveralls (it is suggested that you consider wearing a fire retardant suit of some type. No electronic communications between driver and any other individuals permitted. NO TWO WAY RADIO’S.