For Emergencies, Please Dial 911, All Other Calls 276-235-9580

The tradition continues here at Galax Fire! The fire service has a long list of traditions. One of those traditions is the receipt of the coveted Black Helmet by a new firefighter. The Black Helmet is a symbol of great pride. Receipt of the Black Helmet by a Galax Fire Fighter means they have completed the required training and are now allowed to fight fire as an interior attack firefighter. It is a symbol of achievement, showing the numerous hours of training undergone to reach this goal. It is also a symbol of acceptance by the officers and members of the Galax Fire Department. The firefighter is deamed ‘battle ready’ by his or her peers. Congratulations to the latest four recipients of the Black Helmet, Kraig Leagan, Justin Ayers, Chance Cockerham, and Seth Cutshall.20131022_195547