For Emergencies, Please Dial 911, All Other Calls 276-235-9580

On May 6th at 5:59 pm the Galax Fire Department was called to a fire in the finishing room at Vaughan Bassett Furniture. The only problem was, all members were tied up with Houston Fest duties which was in full swing. This call came in at the worst possible time. The opening ceremony for Houston Fest was to kick off at 6:00pm. Thankfully, Hillsville Fire had a standby crew of 7 on hand to respond with Galax’s 4 man standby crew. Given the nature of the call, the Chief released a few more men to join the fight. Upon arrival it was determined that a spray booth had ignited. Quick work by employees using a house line kept this fire from getting out of control. Firemen checked for extension to the roof area and cleared within thirty minutes with no other action needed. A special thanks to the Hillsville Fire Department for providing a standby crew on Friday night as well as Independence and Fries Fire Departments who stood by on Saturday!