For Emergencies, Please Dial 911, All Other Calls 276-235-9580

On Tuesday May 3rd at approximately 3:30 pm the Galax Fire Department was called to Walmart for a smoke odor in the store. Upon entering the store a distinctive ‘wires burning’ odor was noticed around the deli area. The smell was the same as the odor produced when a light ballast goes bad. A thorough searched revealed nothing definite. As members were about to clear, tones sounded again for a car fire two blocks away on Glade St. Wagon 9 was still staffed in the parking lot at Walmart and immediately responded. The engine compartment of the car was fully involved in fire. Wagon 9’s crew pulled the booster line and made quick work of the fire. All units cleared in 15 minutes to return to the station for a Houstion Fest work detail.